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Nestmoove FAQS

Landlords & sellers, do you find selling or letting your property is a challenging task?

Nestmoove estate agents and letting agents believe that understanding the process and having the correct information is one of the keys to a smooth, painless transaction. Here, we have put together a list of the questions that we are most asked and we hope this will help you to start saving thousands today and sell fast with no sky high fees paid to traditional agents.

If you have a question that is not listed here, you can call us and speak to one of the team on or email us.

What’s the difference between using Nestmoove estate & letting agents and a typical local estate agent?

The difference is the price! We provide you with the same service as you would receive from the high street agent, but at a fraction of the price. Our sales packages start at £750 including 20% vat, and our lettings packages start at £300 including 20% vat. This is a substantial saving over the traditional high street agents.

Why are your fees so much lower than high street agents?

We operate from one central unit where we deal with all elements of selling and letting properties. We do not have to pay for expensive high street offices, a fleet of company cars or glossy brochures. We use modern interactions to get our message out and our team of negotiators sell and let properties rapidly using databases and modern communications, all from one location. Therefore because we save money, we are able to pass this onto our customers, saving them a small fortune compared to the high street agents.

Why do you offer different fee options?

Each of our client’s requirements are different and we believe that by offering the different packages, we are giving you the option to chose a package that suits your requirements best. However, whatever your requirement, we offer you the best deal available to sell or let your property. So you can chose the best deal for you.

Are there any hidden charges?

Absolutely none at all.

Will my personal details be secure if I use Nestmoove to sell or let my property?

Yes, your details are private and we respect that. Additionally the Data Protection Act 1998 forbids us to share your details with anyone without your permission.

How can I get my property listed with Nestmoove?

You can either email us here, or call us and speak to one of our team who will book a valuation appointment for someone to visit and talk you through the process

Will there always be someone at Nestmoove that I can talk to about my property?

Yes, there is a team of people to look after you and your property. When you initially sign up and start preparing the listing to go online, you will be dealt with by the same account manager. This person will arrange everything for you and keep you informed of every step. When your property is online, the negotiating team will be your point of contact.

What hours are you open?

Mon ­ Friday 8am ­ 7pm
Saturday 9am ­ 5pm

Can I list my property with Nestmoove if it is already on the market with another agent?

If you wish to use us and another agent, that is OK, but you need to check the type of contract you have with the other agents. If you have a sole agency contract with them, you will have to change it to multiple agency.

I have spoken to a high street agent that claims to have a buyer on their books for my property?

The internet has changed the way that people search for property, with 90% of buyers searching online to find their dream property. If the agent genuinely has a buyer for your property, that buyer will be aware of Rightmove & Zoopla and will be checking it regularly for new properties. Probably they will be registered to receive property alerts when new properties become available. Therefore, that buyer will see your property when we put it on these popular property websites and they will enquire about it with us. There is no need for you to pay the extortionate fees charged by the high street agent anymore.

Where will my home be advertised?

We will advertise your property on all the major property portals including Rightmove, and many more. The websites we partner with generate approximately 180 million searches per month. So your property will get the maximum exposure possible.

How long is an EPC valid for?

The EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is valid for 10 years and is a legal requirement when selling or letting a property.

Do you cover my area?

If you don't see your area listed on our site, send us an email with your location details and we will let you know if we can cover that area.

Sales FAQs

What’s the first step if I decide to sell through

You can either choose your package option and instruct us online by sending an email and then we will call you back to arrange a home visit, or you can call us on to speak to one of our sales team.

How long does it take for my property to be listed for sale?

When our representative has visited, we will prepare the advert for you to approve. Once we have approval from you, we will put the property online. Normally this takes 48 hours after the home visit.

How do I value my property?

We will provide you with a valuation guide that shows similar properties in your area and their prices, but you can also look to see what price properties in your area are being advertised for. You can see what else has sold in your area from Rightmove by clicking­prices, or use Zoopla here­prices . Once you see what other properties are selling for in the area, you will be able to work out a price for your property.

What is the difference between your various fee options?

The difference in the fee options is the price, the service is the same. We have an option where you pay £750 including 20% vat upfront, which is our most popular option. If you do not want to pay this much upfront, you can chose the option to pay £300 including 20% vat as a registration fee and 0.5% including 20% vat on completion. Or, if you are uncomfortable about paying anything upfront, chose option three where you pay 1% including 20% vat on completion. All these packages are the same and offer a full estate agency service. The only thing you have to do is carry out the viewing on your property, everything else is the same.

How long will you advertise my property for?

The average property sells within 6 weeks, but we will advertise your property for up to 12 months or till sold.

Is there a minimum contract period?

We call this a tie ­in period, which means the minimum time that we ask you to advertise the property with us to give us a fair opportunity to sell it. If you withdraw your property before the end of the tie ­in period, we charge you £100 plus vat to cover our costs. The tie­in period varies depending on the option you have chosen. For Option 1 there is no tie in period. For option 2 it is 8 weeks. For option 3 it is 12 weeks.

What is your incentive to sell my home?

It is essential to us that we have many strong positive recommendations from customers that have used us to sell their property; otherwise our business will not survive and grow. If we do not sell the properties on our site, we will not get these recommendations and we will fail. We are a team of people determined to deliver the best service to our clients and as the main part of that service is the sale of their property, we strive to achieve this in every form possible.

How quickly can you make the home visit?

Once you have appointed us, we will contact you to arrange a home visit by one of our team. This is normally carried out within 2-­3 days of you signing up with us. If you require certain days or times, we can accommodate this too.

What happens on a home visit?

We will talk you through the entire sale process and give you details of the costs involved and maybe even suggest things you can do to increase the value of your property. We will tell you about the different services that we offer and answer all your questions. If you are happy to proceed with us, we will take the photos, measure and take many notes to enable us to write a catchy description.

Can I use my own photos?

Yes, but they must be a true representative of your property and they must also be to the standard of Nestmoove. We will take our own on the home visit but we are happy to add yours as long as they comply with the Property Misdescriptions Act.

How soon after the home visit will my property go on the market?

When we have all the information, we will produce the draft advert for you to approve. This is normally completed within 48 hours of the home visit. When you have approved the advert, we will put your property online within a few hours.

How are viewings arranged?

When we receive an enquiry for your property, we check that their requirements suit your property, plus we fully vet the potential viewer by taking full details including address, contact numbers, financial position, chain position and a few different times that would suit them to view the property. Then we will call or email you and arrange the viewing. All viewings are confirmed by email to both you and the potential buyer, so that everyone is clear on who and when to meet.

Do you show people around my property?

No ­ we do not offer an accompanied viewing service. Our fees are so low that we are not able to include this. In any case, nobody knows your home like you and the feedback we receive from potential buyers is that they prefer to be shown around by the owner so they can answer any questions they have immediately.

What happens after the viewing has taken place?

We will contact the viewer and get some feedback. We will keep a record of all feedback that we hear and if we see the same thing over again, we will let you know. We give you regular feedback but you can call us at any time if you would like to know sooner.

What happens when someone offers on my property?

When we receive an offer from a potential buyer, your account manager will tell you about it immediately. If the offer is low, we will negotiate it on your behalf and get the best price we can. We also make sure the buyer has funds available before we stop marketing the property.

What happens after I accept an offer on my property?

Once a sale is agreed we ensure that the solicitors of each party are informed, we send out the memorandum of sale to all parties, we chase surveys and conduct the weekly sales progression. We supervise and oversee the sale up to completion.

Lettings FAQs

What’s the first step if I decide to let my property?

You can either chose your package option and we will call you back to discuss your property, or you can call us on to speak to one of our lettings team.

How long does it take for my property to be listed for rent?

Once we have received the details of the property and carried out a home visit, we will normally have your property online within 24-­48 hours.

Can I make changes to my advert after it has gone live?

Yes certainly, all you have to do is contact your dedicated account manager and give them the details and we will do the rest.

How do I value my property?

We will provide you with a valuation guide that shows similar properties in your area and the prices they have let for. All of our team have knowledge of the area and the market place and can talk you through the best price that your property can be let for.

Is there a service difference between your various fee options?

Yes, each of our lettings options give you a different service level. From our most basic option for advertising only, to our Management option which offers the highest level of lettings service plus full management. See a breakdown of our services here.

How long will it take you to find suitable tenants for my property?

We can't say exactly how long it will take to find tenants because so much depends on market trends at the time of your property becoming available. Another condition to consider is the price and the presentation of the property. If this is all OK, we would aim to let a property within a few weeks but sometimes we let properties on the same day!

How long will you market my property to let for?

We will market your property for 3 months. Most properties let within the first couple of weeks but to give it a good chance, we offer you the package available for 3 months.

Do you charge me a renewal fee if my tenants want to stay for another tenancy?

Absolutely not. We charge you when we find a tenant for you and only at that time. If your tenants want to renew, there is no renewal charge. We would only charge you for a tenancy agreement if you want us to produce one for you. Most high street lettings agents will charge you their commission again even though they haven't done anything.

Do you carry out the viewings?

Yes, for the Tenant Find option and Fully Managed option, we carry out the viewings for you and give you full feedback. For the 'You do the viewings' options, we will contact you and arrange the viewings for you

What happens after the viewing has taken place?

We will contact the viewer and get some feedback. We will keep a record of all feedback that we hear and if we see the same thing over again, we will let you know. We give you regular feedback but you can call us at any time if you would like to know sooner.

What happens when someone offers on my property?

When we receive an offer from a potential tenant, your account manager will tell you about it immediately. We obtain all the details of the offer and if it is low, we will negotiate it on your behalf and get the best price we can.

What happens after I accept an offer on my property?

Once a let is agreed we will send out offer details to both parties. We will then start the process of referencing the tenants and if you chose a package that includes the tenancy agreement, we will produce this for you. We will also ensure that all statutory documents are in place and up to date for the property.

Do I have to have an inventory made on the property?

It is highly recommended that landlords have this important document produced prior to commencing a tenancy agreement. Not only does it set a good standard to your tenant, it is the only document that will prove the condition of the property when the tenant moves in. Without this, you may have trouble making a claim on the deposit if there is anything that needs repairing or cleaning at the end of the tenancy.

How do I register the deposit?

We can register the deposit for you using Deposit Protection Service at no extra cost. If your property is fully managed, we will deal with any deposits disputes at the end of the tenancy. If we do not manage the property, we can also deal with the deposit dispute but would have to charge a small fee for the time.

Is it essential that I have a Gas Safety Certificate?

Yes absolutely essential. It is a legal requirement that all properties that have gas, obtain a gas safety certificate. They must be issued prior to the start of the tenancy agreement and must be renewed annually.

What are the benefits of using the fully managed service?

Apart from the full lettings service, we also collect the rent for you and provide a 24 hour management service. If you don't mind being disturbed when something goes wrong, which is normally in the middle of a bank holiday weekend, and you can find a contractor to visit the property, you could manage it yourself, but if not we will cover this for you and give you a peace of mind to enjoy your spare time.  See what our Lettings Management service offers.

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